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Pål Taskèn
Conforte ASA​​
Ronny Nilsen
Atle Aune
UNIT4 Dir.
Wendy Aendekerk
Global HR- Dir.
Katrine Grasbekk
Global HRBP
G. Kristiansen


"Runa-Helene is a very experienced and highly competent HR Director with a tremendously strong positive energy. She is capable of creating relations and contact with and between people when nobody else can, hence her social skills are extraordinary. At the same time she is decisive, assertive and firm, which also makes her a leader. She is intellectually strong and quick, can be abstract and creative, and in the next minute be able to put it all into a pragmatic and down to earth perspective. Most of all, I know Runa-Helene is a great management coach and process facilitator."



"Jeg har kjent Runa-Helene i en rekke år som venn og leverandør. Nå realiserer hun en av sine drømmer om å sette HR på kartet der det hører hjemme. Gjennom strategisk og operativ forståelse i fht. hva som skaper målbar konkurranseevne; løfter hun sine fremtidige kunder opp til neste nivå. Kombinerer du dette med bunnsolide verdier og en ekstrem energi som inspirerer og motiverer dine medarbeidere; så vil du merke forskjell på før og etter en RHHR-prosess. Ta kontakt med henne - hun er en gavepakke!"



" I have had the great pleasure to work with Runa Helene for 7 years and I’ve learned to know her as energetic, focused, goal oriented, and highly skilled. She was a dedicated member of the management team, and showed a great balance between professionalism and sympathetic interaction. She managed the business in an efficient way, lead the people with care, and got the best out of everyone.
She established great relations with all employees, her colleagues and managers, she is trustworthy, loyal, has high integrity and a great sense of humor.
As a HR director she played an important role in our international operation and her contribution as member of the management team was key for our success.
We recently decided, planned and executed restructuring of the corporation and HR was essential in these processes. Runa Helene and her HR team performed these change management tasks in great manner to the satisfaction of owners, top management and employees.

She really made a difference and thanks to her dedication, structured effort and passion for her profession she made this a great place to work"



"Runa-Helene is an excellent allround HR professional who is able to manage the rational and the emotional side of change management. She drives processes towards results and is able to stay connected with all people involved. Runa- Helena gets things done. She has an energetic communication style and a pleasantly mature way of coaching, influencing and motivating people. She is great fun to work with"



"Runa-Helene is a passionate and energetic HR leader and Professional. She breathes HR knowledge and competence, and she has the drive to follow-through on organizational goals through solid and professional HR processes. She has a pragmatic and very strategic mind-set, giving her the ability to solve issues and problems quickly and with good results in the long-term. She was crucial in several HR projects such as employee surveys (Great Place to Work), leadership Development programs, Performance management and with the re-structering of the company.

Runa- Helene is also an inspirational leader. She is trust-worthy, and knows how to get the best out of the people around her. She manages the unique balance between push and pull in coaching and when developing her team. She is an experienced and highly-skilled coach, and has the ability to really connect with employees and managers on all levels in the organization."


"I worked together with Runa-Helene for 5 years while I held the position as verneombud. I learned to know Runa- Helene as strict but fair. She showed professionalism in all her work. Her experience within the HR profession is solid and that shows in her work. Together with her always positive attitude and great smile she is a great person to work with. And I would not be sorry if she became my next HR-manager..."













NLP Practitioner - Metaresource

MBTI - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Cut-e - Personlighets- og evnetester

DISC/DISCUS -Personlighetsanalyse

Project Management - PMI

ISO 9000 - Semcom



'Mot til å lede'

Lederutvikling- program- og trening



Prosjektledelse og kvalitetssikring











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